Let’s hear it for our amazing sound editor, Marla McGuire!

“The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” – George Lucas

That makes a lot of sense to me – and why I’m so delighted that we have an absolutely superb Supervising Sound Editor on board for the filming of the Gin And It trailer!

LA  based Marla McGuire is an Emmy nominated artist who has a truly exceptional list of credits, including Netflix International hits Seven Seconds and The Killing, plus The Catch, For The People, Scandal, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey’s Anatomy… in fact too many hit TV series to list!

For Marla, the desire to tell stories with sound was inspired by the legendary Oscar winning editor Walter Murch, whose visit to her University campus to talk to students about his craft, set her off on aMarla Marty McGuire journey that has led her to create truly spell binding moments with one of the aspects of a movie or TV experience that is perhaps underrated; the sound. And yet, when we really engage and think about the best ‘viewing’ experiences we’ve had, they will almost certainly have engaged us as much by sound as by sight.

I can’t tell you how excited and grateful I am that Marla will be adding her magic to Gin And It – and that she’ll be joining us in August – amazing in all senses!

You can find out more about the incredible list of projects that Marla – aka Marty – has worked on in her imdb profile.

Elaine Sturgess

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