Gin And It Heart Stopper!


Beautiful hand made slate Heart Stopper!

A gorgeous bottle stopper made using traditional techniques from Scottish slate. Each one is unique as the individual pieces of slate are shaped into the heart by hand and have different colour veins running through them.

I love that it is almost exactly the same as the design on the front cover of Gin And It – like it was meant to be!!

It comes packaged in a beautiful box, so it makes a great gift too!

50% of the proceeds from your purchase will got to MacMillan Cancer care – so why not think about grabbing yourself great read too with the Gin And It Heart Stopper bundle! Click here for details!!


Hand made in beautiful Scottish Slate using traditional methods, each of these beautiful Heart Stoppers is unique!!

I love that they are all individual because they are formed from separate pieces of stone and then painted and varnished to this beautiful red.

The cover for Gin And It was designed by an Italian who couldn’t possibly have know they really existed – and I found these heart stoppers completely by accident, almost an exact copy of his design on the book. It was meant to be!!

They are packaged in a beautiful box, so also make great gifts!

50% of the proceeds of your purchase will go to MacMillan Cancer Care – so get yourself a real heart stopper, or buy one as a gift, NOW!!

And… even better, Grab yourself a great read at the same time, buy Gin And It and a beautiful unique Heart Stopper as a package and save £3!!


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