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Gin And It, the comedy novel, a story of love, mystery, sex and sellotape in a quaint countryside village. When Rachel and Frankie move to a quiet middle class “chocolate box” village they think they might be shunned for their lifestyle, but quickly find their shock value pales when the truth about what’s going on in their idyllic country cottage community comes to the surface.

Think Little Britain meets A Village Affair! 9 and 1/2 Weeks meets The Vicar of Dibley! For a taster of what’s in store, take a look at our promotional video starring Mary Jane Wells, or download a free sip first!!!

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“Gin & It” is a story of love, mystery, sex and sellotape…

“It’s” the story of Rachel and Frankie who move to a remote village expecting to be the subject of local gossip and prepared for the possibility of being shunned, but who find their shock value pales into insignificance when the underbelly of village life is revealed.

“It’s” about the questions that abound for Rachel and Frankie as they try to settle in to their seemingly idyllic new home. What do the goat keeping vicar and the postmistress do in the field opposite every morning? Why does one of their neighbours keep flipping the finger at them in the street? How come the church is permanently closed? What’s behind the village’s pride in its two prostitutes (one for locals, one for incomers)? Why did the previous house owner keep his cock in the pantry? What’s with all the CCTV cameras? And what is this mysterious “Club” everyone refers to?

“It’s” about how the intrigue builds as Rachel is determined to uncover the truth, but gets caught in a web of sex, lies and post office sellotape that tests her relationship and tears at the net curtain fabric of village life.

“It’s” funny, it’s quirky, it’s wicked… and you can NOW order the paperback!!

Still pondering about It? Watch our promotional video starring Mary Jane Wells!

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