The Last Word T-Shirt


Always have The Last Word!

Gorgeous T-Shirt featuring the deliciously wicked Velvet Elizabeth Taylor from Gin And It and The Last Word.

Being modelled here by actress Anna Garcia Cuartero – who will be playing Doctor Taylor in the movie trailer!

Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large. LIMITED STOCK SO PLEASE ORDER NOW!

¡¡¡Siempre tiene La última palabra!!!

Preciosa camiseta para  presentar a la deliciosamente malvada Velvet Elizabeth Taylor de Gin Ad It y The Last Word.

Disponible en talla Mediana, Grande y Extra-grande. ¡¡¡STOCK LIMITADO ASÍ QUE ENCARGA LA TUYA YA!!!



These amazing T-Shirt designs are achieved using a new printing technique that means amazing designs can be created all over the T-Shirt.

Sublimation printed T-Shirts are 100% Polyester. This is a unique print method that places an image all over the t-shirt. Due to the way the printing is done, each may come out slightly different and colours may also differ, occasional crease lines may also appear

Size Guide:

Medium: Chest 53cm Length 73cm

Large: Chest 59cm Length 75cm

X Large: Chest 60cm Length 76cm

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Medium, Large, Extra Large


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