The Last Word

The Last Word is the second in a series of novellas about the main characters in my novel Gin And It; compelling stories that will have you hooked! For a limited time its available free to Download - and you'll also receive the first novella Fallen Angel

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Doctor Velvet Elizabeth Taylor, sexy, gorgeous, intelligent - and wickedly dangerous...

Brought up by her mild mannered, but emotionally unavailable Father, Velvet's isolated childhood leaves her lost in her own little world. As she grows up she follows in her Father's footsteps to become a local Doctor in the village practice, but her ambitions are far, far greater. Passionate and obsessive, ruthless and determined, she is driven by the traits she believes she has inherited from her Spanish Bullfighter Mother. By day she pursues her need for power and success, by night she lives out her auto erotic fantasies and plots to realise her grand plan, which she believes will be her ticket to international recognition. Will she succeed in her audacious bid for fame? Or will her past catch up with her and thwart her scheming desires?