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Fallen Angel Book CoverLisa Danforth, young, beautiful, wealthy, daughter of a film Director and an Italian Countess. She has it all... but her seemingly enchanted life is blighted by a dark past.

After Daddy’s little Angel discovers the secrets behind the closed doors of their English country manor house, she is set on a course that traps her in its shadows. Spiraling towards self destruction, she battles with her inner demons as she uncovers the truth. But the forces that keep her enslaved are strong. So when her opportunity for salvation comes, will she have the courage to break the chains and free her fractured soul...

Fallen Angel is Lisa’s story from the novel Gin And It - intriguing, compelling and a taste of what is to come from Gin And IT -  download it FREE with the form below!




Heart Bottle Stopper

Will the truth be a heart stopper?

Gin & It is the comedy story of two women who move to quiet countryside village and uncover a web of mystery...

"it's 9 and 1/2 weeks meets The Vicar of Dibley" - Mary Jane Wells

It’s semi autobiographical, set in a quintessential English country village, a tranquil idyll where the undertones of life belie the moderate, bland and calm exterior that the quaint cottages and rural environment present. In fact, the goings on are more startling and intriguing than you might ever imagine…

It’s loosely based on a part of my life that holds sweet, hilarious, wicked and sometimes strange memories in a place that was so full of character and characters, that when I look back I can sometimes barely believe it. There was a huge amount of fun and uniquely British eccentricity. Those times were shared with my beloved Maria, with whom I spent 17 amazing years until she passed in 2010 - the book is dedicated to her memory.



In the novel, Frankie and Rachel move to their dream cottage in the country, with some trepidation that they will be judged and perhaps shunned, not just for being outsiders in a small rural community, but for being a lesbian couple. But the reality couldn't be more different - they find themselves very popular indeed. But under circumstances that are both mysterious and bizarre. As the strange events unfold, Rachel is determined to uncover the secrets that surround them. As she delves into village life, she discovers a world of sex, lies and sellotape that seems to revolve around the tiny post office and its odd but engaging postmistress.... but in doing so, unwittingly exposes herself to a dark village fete she might need to be saved from...

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