Short Movie and TV Pilot

We’re now in Post Production for our short movie TV Pilot and promotional Trailer, filmed in Hooe, near Battle in the UK in August!

We’re keeping our cast under wraps for now, but have some exciting news for you soon and can tell you that the filming was exceptional with fantastic performances from our stellar actors! For the time being, you can see some of the behind the scenes photos in our news section and read about the brilliant, award winning crew who contributed to this wonderful production.

This is an exciting project with many dimensions, with the TV pilot, trailer and short we’re going to be pitching a full series or feature length movie… we want this story to be told!! The main novel features some really rich, juicy characters, with fascinating back stories – and those stories are being told in a series of novellas that you can download free…

Fallen Angel Spanish EditionFallen Angel… the story of beautiful but fragile Lisa, who is trying to escape the secrets of a dark past

The Last Word… the deliciously wicked tale of Doctor Velvet Elizabeth Taylor, powerful, self obsessed, intelligent and dangerous local GP

… and coming very soon is Voluptuous Venus, the story of Donnatella, the stunning Italian Countess who grew up in mind-blowing wealth on the glamorous Italian Riviera and who has everything… except what she really wants

There’s more to come too, with novellas of all the main characters rolling out over the next year.

We’re really excited about where this journey is taking us… if you want to join us, either to add your voice to the support for the development of the project, or perhaps becoming involved with out future filming plans, then please register or download a book to join our mailing list, we’d love to hear from you!