Film Production Crew

What a Crew!

A truly exceptional production crew have stepped up to produce the short movie and TV pilot for Gin And It - and their combined performance really showed during filming; we can't wait to show you the results and start moving their project to the next stage:



Photo Credit: Emma Bailey Photography

Photo Credit: Emma Bailey Photography

Elaine Sturgess, Writer and Executive Producer

The script for the short movie and Tv pilot have been adapted by Elaine from her novel Gin And It. This is a first novel and she has since written three more novels featuring the back stories of some of the main characters from the book meaning there's a wealth of material for the full TV series.

A former marketer with over 25 years experience in Direct Marketing, Event Management and Promotions, Elaine's career was mainly in publishing and entertainment and during the ten years she ran her own marketing consultancy, her clients ranged from small businesses to Ftse 100 companies - her most famous client being HRH The Princess Royal.

Photo Credit: Emma Bailey Photography

Andrea Meyerson, Director

Andrea Meyerson is a multi award winning Director, Producer and Writer. LA based Andrea has a body of work that includes over 30 feature films, television specials and series episodes, which have aired on Showtime, Viacom’s Logo Network and several Canadian networks and her short movies and documentaries have won many awards on the Indie circuit right across the United States.

Andrea’s live production experience includes work with some of the US’s most famous entertainers, including Roseanne Barr, Wanda Sykes , Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls, K D Lang and Joan Armatrading.





Photo Credit: Emma Bailey Photography

Tom Watts, Director of Photography

An experienced and multi Award Winning Director of Photography, Tom Watts is currently in house DP for the Sony Music label in the UK. He has worked on a broad range of commercial projects and many music videos and recently moved to feature film work with his first movie The 12, already picking up multiple nominations and Awards at film festivals.

Tom's second feature, which was funded by Universal and Island Records, will have its cinematic release in the UK later this year. Tom's stunning cinematography comes in part from his background in art and design and his passion for the Baroque and Renaissance eras. We're lucky that Tom took time out from Sony to be our outstanding DP!









Photo Credit: Emma Bailey Photography

Irene Maffei, 1st Assistant Director

A hugely experienced Assistant Director with an impressive CV in TV, film and web series, Irene is a master of timing and management.

Irene has worked on projects all over the world and has great dept of knowledge in the co-ordination of all of the elements of the Audio Visual production process to create a smooth transition from set to film.


Photo Credit: Emma Bailey Photography

Marla McGuire, Sound Editor

Marla McGuire is an Emmy nominated Sound artist. LA based Marla has an incredible CV having worked on some of the US's biggest hit series, including Netflix International Seven Seconds and The Killing, plus The Catch, For The People, Scandal, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey’s Anatomy… in fact too many  to list!

Marla's inspired sound editing has earned her a fantastic reputation as well as multiple Emmy nominations and we're delighted she'll be building on the great job our Sound Technician Simon Norman did on set.

Photo Credit: Emma Bailey Photography

Anna Garcia Cuartero, Producer and Lead, "The Making Of"

This is no ordinary "Making Of"!  It's become a tradition to film behind the scenes on set to get a sense of what happens   in preparation - but Producer and Actor Anna Garcia Cuartero has taken this a step further.

Playing the part of Caroline Cooper, the World's most accident prone News Anchor, Anna staged attempts to infiltrate the film set trying to get an exclusive story about the secrets of our project - the result is a hilarious take on investigative journalism that somehow always goes a little (or a lot!) wrong... watch this space!!