We’re Filming!! – Gin And It Movie Short and Trailer

Shooting 5th to 9th August - and I'm so excited!!

Well it's been a while in the planning, but I'm so excited to announce that we are shooting a short movie and trailer based on my Gin And It novel!!

Like so many events around this project, the location just popped into my life like it was meant to be - and it's perfect!  It's where my gorgeous Baxter Beagle lives with his Mummy and Daddy, the lovely Julie and Michael Barnes! It struck me when I was looking after him at the end of last summer that it was just the perfect country location for us the film the scenes I have planned from the book - and they very kindly agreed to let me shoot there - and it is going to be an absolute blast!!

Take a look at the video and you'll see why it works so perfectly... and you will also find out a bit more about the chance to get involved and even join us on set...

Now we have the location sorted, all sorts of other things are falling into place too. Soon I will give you some exciting news about our team... I can't wait to tell you more!

Elaine Sturgess

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